About Design and Profit

Devoted serial creator, graphic design and web development expert, design career and business coach.

I’m AJ, devoted serial creator and former comic book obsessed kid. When I’m not out shredding the streets in an obnoxious muscle car I get my hands dirty in some good ol’ graphic design and web development. I guess you could say I have a knack for the digital arts. I’m a firm believer that the classic “starving artist” trope doesn’t have to apply to us graphic designers.

Designing Your Income

Anyone with decent design skills and a strong desire to succeed in the business of design can make a good living through their art, as long as they’re willing to put in work.

With a lifelong passion for both the creative arts and financial success I’ve set out to design a life that flourishes with both. This is how I design and profit.

My Design Journey

Before I ventured into design work, the first job I had was fresh out of high school working part-time making $12k a year. For a seventeen year old with no bills that actually is a whole lot of money, but it’s scary to imagine that there are hundreds of skilled artists out there struggling to put food on the table on that kind of salary, when they absolutely don’t have to accept it.

My second job was in the design industry and earning a six figure salary. What happened in between those two jobs is what you’ll wanna hear, and what I dive into here on Design and Profit, outlining tried and tested strategies to building your design career.